Don’t let faulty or clogged pipes ruin Christmas!

Don’t let faulty or clogged pipes ruin Christmas!Have your pipes spring a leak or completely broken? After decades of daily use, even the highest-quality pipes eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Thankfully, no matter what time of day or night it is or what kind of service you need done, USA Plumbing Service Inc. can be at your door in a jiffy—even if it’s Christmas eve or morning!

After more than 25 years of experience in the plumbing business, USA Plumbing Service Inc. workers have seen it all. There’s no job too big or small, no job too simple or complicated for us.

We’ve successfully completed thousands of jobs, and we look forward to fulfilling your plumbing needs as well. We can fix anything, including:

  • corroded pipes
  • pinhole leaks
  • broken pipes
  • clogged pipes
  • belled pipes
  • poorly routed pipes
  • leaky pipe joints
  • backflow issues
  • slab leaks
  • insufficient flow volume

At USA Plumbing Service Inc., we can give you recommendations for how the repairs should be made, but ultimate the decision resides with you. Depending on your priorities and financial constraints, we can use pipe tape for sealing leaky joints or pinhole leaks, perform complete pipe replacement for easily accessible pipes, reline pipes to reinforce long stretches of pitted or cracked pipe, as well as bursting the pipes to replace buried pipes without digging.

Anytime 24/7—even on Christmas!—call USA Plumbing Service Inc. at (909) 623-0033.