Backflow Prevention

Ensure a clean, uncontaminated flow of fresh water with our backflow prevention services

Backflow PreventionMost property owners take their supply of clean, fresh, potable water for granted, without stopping to think about the many possibilities for contamination that may exist due to backpressure or backsiphonage. At USA Plumbing Service, we can provide the assistance you need to keep vital backflow prevention systems in excellent working order to protect not only your water supply but also the community from contamination.

We Install & Service All Kinds of Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow prevention devices are required at the cross-connection as well as within various plumbing lines and fixtures in your home or business. USA Plumbing Service can help explain local code requirements to you and assist with keeping all of the following types of backflow prevention devices in excellent repair:

  • Air gaps built into sink, tub, and basin faucets
  • Anti-siphon type ballcocks for toilets
  • Vacuum breakers on hose bibs and sill cocks
  • Backflow preventers or vacuum breakers on lawn sprinklers
  • Backflow preventers on supply lines to boilers or other equipment
  • Dual check valves at service connection with public water supply

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With our affordable prices on quality backflow prevention services, a small investment now can make a huge impact on the safety of your water supply. Please don’t hesitate to call to take advantage of the fast, effective, affordable, and courteous service USA Plumbing Service is known for.