USA Plumbing Service offers a full range of installation, repair & maintenance services for residential & commercial buildings

Most people don’t think much about their plumbing until it breaks or has a problem. At USA Plumbing Service, we can provide the expert service you need to go back to blissful ignorance about the state of your plumbing. Our services are highly reliable and we take pride in solving all your plumbing problems for you in a fast and affordable manner. Call us today to get friendly & courteous expert assistance with any of the following core plumbing services:

Drain Cleaning: No matter what kind of drain may be clogged in your home or business, USA Plumbing Service can clear it. Our plumbers are always careful not to damage your plumbing fixtures during the cleaning and we can also provide tips to help keep drain problems from recurring.

Slab Leak Detection: Don’t let a hidden slab leak raise your water bills and damage your home or business! USA Plumbing Service uses the latest leak detection technology to pinpoint slab leaks so that we can repair them in a minimally invasive yet highly effective manner.

Water Heater Service & Repairs: USA Plumbing Service can help keep your water heater delivering a reliable supply of hot water with expert repairs as well as preventative maintenance services. We work on all kinds of gas and electric water heaters including tankless water heaters.

Garbage Disposal Service & Installations: Keep your kitchen sink cleaner & fresher and help eliminate food waste related drainage issues with our garbage disposal repair & installation services. We work on all makes and models of garbage disposals.

Leaky Toilets: Whether your toilet has an internal leak that makes it run constantly or an external leak that is damaging your flooring, USA Plumbing Service can help. We provide all kinds of toilet repairs in a fast and affordable manner.

Sinks & Faucets: Don’t let a dripping sink drive you nuts! One simple call to USA Plumbing Service can fix it at an affordable price. We also provide installation and remodeling services for bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and utility room sinks as well as outdoor faucets.

Bathtubs & Showers: At USA Plumbing, we can solve any kind of plumbing problem you might have with your bathtub or shower, from clogged drains to leaky pipes or broken faucets. We can even help with outdated or ugly fixtures by installing new ones as part of a remodel.

Pipe Repair: Whether you have a small leak or a completely broken pipe, USA Plumbing Service can repair it. We offer expert leak detection and repair services for water pipes, sewer pipes, and gas pipes. We will offer you the best possible price and provide a reliable repair.

Backflow Prevention: We install & service all of the backflow prevention devices required to ensure that contaminated water never enters your property’s fresh water supply lines. We’ll help make sure your plumbing meets local code standards for backflow prevention to give you peace of mind about your water supply.