Garbage Disposal Service & Installations

Trust USA Plumbing Service to keep your garbage disposal working its best

Garbage Disposal Service InstallationHaving a garbage disposal can be a wonderful convenience—at least until it starts acting up. Then you may find yourself wishing you’d never heard of this noisy, clog-prone device. The good news is USA Plumbing Service can help you bid your garbage disposal woes goodbye. We have decades of experience working with garbage disposals and there’s literally no problem that can stump us.

We Fix Mechanical and Plumbing Issues

There are basically two categories of problems you can have with your garbage disposal—a mechanical or electrical problem with the equipment itself, or a blockage in your kitchen pipe. At USA Plumbing, we can handle both of these types of problems. Our expert plumbers excel at troubleshooting problems with garbage disposal motors, blades, switches, and wiring. Plus, our expert drain cleaning services allow us to quickly and painlessly eliminate even the toughest grease and food clogs from your kitchen sink.

What If Your Garbage Disposal is Beyond Repair?

Depending on what’s wrong with your garbage disposal, ordering replacement parts for a repair might actually cost just as much as buying and installing a whole new unit. If this is the case, you can rely on USA Plumbing Service to tell you honestly. We will provide our opinion, but we will never try to push you one way or the other. The final decision of what option to choose is ultimately up to you, and we always provide the service you choose in a courteous and professional manner. We can certainly provide expert garbage disposal installation if you choose to this option.

Urgent Garbage Disposal Issue?

Don’t forget that you can call USA Plumbing Service 24/7 in case you have an emergency need for garbage disposal repair or any other kind of plumbing service. We will provide prompt and effective service to meet your needs and get you back to your normal routine.