April Showers Bring May… Floods?

April Showers Bring May… Floods?Spring is really kicking into high gear, and for those who live near rivers, lakes, or streams, basement flooding happens every year around this time. Though Southern California has a relatively dry climate, unexpected downpours can often take homeowners by surprise when they notice that their basement has excess moisture and even flooding.

Why Is It a Big Deal?

If you have noticed any extra moisture or even just slight flooding in your basement, it’s essential that you call USA Plumbing Service at 909-623-0033 right away. If you don’t get it taken care of in a timely manner, you could have a host of bigger problems to deal with—from mold and fungus infestations to structural damage to your home’s foundation. Do your future self a favor and just call USA Plumbing Service at 909-623-0033.

Advantages of USA Plumbing Service Inc.

What’s great about USA Plumbing Service is that we have emergency service available 24/7. We know plumbing emergencies just can’t wait until regular business hours—there could be endless damage to your home in the meantime! Anytime you call, we will send one of our service trucks and friendly plumbing experts right on over. If you live in Rancho Cucamonga, you can often expect a knock on your door within the hour! Don’t call some huge national company that doesn’t care about you—call our local, family-owned business where you’ll be respectfully taken care of every time you need plumbing help.

Special Offer

Have you checked out our Yelp page recently? People love us over there! Every review we have includes a 5 star rating, and most sing Manny’s praises specifically. We also have a special deal going for Yelp readers! Pay $95 and get a voucher for $125 worth of services at USA Plumbing Service. That’s a $30 savings, 24%! You can either print out the voucher or redeem it on your phone with the Yelp app, which can be downloaded for free. The promotion lasts for one year from the date of purchase, and it can’t be combined with any other vouchers, certificates, or offers. Only one voucher can be purchased and redeemed per person, and up to two can be purchased as gifts for others.

Services We Can Handle Expertly

We’ll take care of any plumbing issue you may have—from clogged drains, leaky or corroded pipes, slab leaks, water heater problems, malfunctioning garbage disposals, and everything in-between. For plumbing needs from A-Z, call USA Plumbing Service at 909-623-0033 anytime 24/7.

Posted on April 9, 2015