What’s a Slab Leak and What Should I do about It?

What’s a Slab Leak and What Should I do about It?Have you ever wondered about your home or businesses’ foundation? What are some problems that can arise in a concrete slab foundation, and how can USA Plumbing Service resolve them?

What is a building’s foundation made of?

Pretty much every home or business building in America rests on a foundation that consists of a concrete slab. The purpose of a foundation is to hold up and hold together the building above it because contrary to popular belief, the ground isn’t still and in many cases, not totally solid. A foundation ensures the building remains intact despite storms and other natural events, keeps ground moisture out, and keeps the people inside it safe.

Why is Moisture Bad?

You definitely don’t want any moisture or wetness getting into your foundation because it could eventually compromise the protection and durability your foundation provides to your home. Additionally, if there’s a leaky pipe somewhere that continues to drip, your water bill will increase unnecessarily.

Signs of a Leak

While it’s best to call our plumbing experts to identify slab leaks, there are a few ways you could be able to tell if there’s a problem. For example, you hear running water and can’t figure out where the sound is coming from. Perhaps you detect warm spots in the floor or wallboard above the concrete slab, which is another possible indicator of a leak. When you go to your basement, does it suddenly feel like a rainforest? Extra humidity in the air is another sign of a leak. In your front or back yard, is your soil soggy and extra-wet? That’s another sign that something may be underfoot (pun intended).

What Happens Now?

If you suspect your concrete slab has a leak, call USA Plumbing Service right away, but try not to worry. It’s a serious problem that you need to get taken care of, but it’s not a real emergency situation unless there’s been a leak for years. Make an appointment and our plumbing experts will be on their way to help you. When they arrive, they’ll inspect the property thoroughly and use their plumbing knowledge (and a bit of a sixth sense, developed over so many years in the plumbing business). If they determine that there is likely a leak, they’ll set up specialized leak detection equipment and make absolutely sure there is a leak in the slab before doing anything else. These two steps preclude you from having to pay for leak detection service when the problem is something else entirely—such as a running toilet or faucet. When we’ve positively identified that there’s a leak in the slab, we’ll use the best leak detection technology on the market today to trace the pipes hidden under the slab and listen for the leak sound(s). This way, we’ll pinpoint all leaks, and depending on they’re locations, we’ll recommend a plan for fixing them. Depending on the situation, we’ll recommend extracting the leaky pip and running a new pipe through the attic or wall to replace it, or cutting a few access points in your slab to repair, reline, or replace the leaky pipe.

Deciding What to Do

We’ll give you all the necessary information about the situation, and give you the best recommendations possible, but in the end it’s up to you to decide what you’d like to do about the leak. We’ll provide accurate estimate for the various options so you can pick the course of action that suites your budget and long-term goals for the property.

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