Why Copper is the Best Plumbing Material

Why Copper is the Best Plumbing MaterialMore and more builders and construction companies are choosing to use plastic or other materials for plumbing because it’s cheaper than copper (at least initially). Driven by competition and the desire to cut costs, they put people at risk by using materials other than copper. Did you know it was important to use copper for plumbing? Many people don’t. The plumbing experts at USA Plumbing Service heartily recommend always using it, for many important reasons.

First, it’s dependable—it’s so durable, it can outlast the life of your home. When a home is tragically consumed by fire, often the only recognizable remnant is the copper piping. Copper tube and fittings maintain pressure when subjected to fire, and they won’t melt, burn, or give off toxic fumes. Copper is impermeable, meaning contaminants such as harmful bacteria can’t penetrate it. Interested in being more eco-friendly? Copper is a natural material—not a synthetic—that you can feel good about having in your home.

While copper sometimes costs slightly more than synthetic plumbing materials, it’s less expensive in the long term, because it resists punctures and abrasions, doesn’t embrittle with age, and can withstand extreme weather (both hot and cold). Plus it adds to your home’s resale value and has the nationwide approval of nearly all building inspectors and engineers.

Choose copper anytime you need to choose a plumbing material—it’s worth the investment.

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